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Become a Recognized Analytics Continuing Education Provider

If you wish your program to have an enhanced listing as being recognized by INFORMS as appropriate for training/education in the analytics profession, please contact

Membership in the INFORMS Recognized Education Provider Program gives you many advantages over your competition:

  • Presence on INFORMS Certification website. INFORMS is the leading professional association for analytics and the first to offer analytics certification
  • Access to analytics certification audience through INFORMS
  • Announcement of acceptance in to the program to INFORMS membership and CAP certificants through our e-newsletter and social media outlets
  • Listings with direct link(s) from INFORMS to provider
  • Authorization to advertise that you are a recognized educational provider for INFORMS CAP® certification program, making them preferred courses for individual candidates and certificants
  • Access to the full CAP® job task analysis (JTA) that may aid in course development
  • Access to any updates to JTA prior to release to general public
  • Books/texts displayed at INFORMS conference bookstore
  • Discounts on website and journal ads
  • May use CAP® logo within prescribed range

$300 non-refundable application fee per organization
$200 first-year approval fee per organization

  • Any program for which an application is submitted must be actively operating and INFORMS must be told if the program is cancelled or combined with another or in any way ceases to be a recognized program in its own right.
  • All applicants and listed programs shall remain in good financial standing with INFORMS.
  • All programs shall be in compliance with all applicable occupational health, safety and environmental laws, and regulations and shall not discriminate against its applicants on the basis of race, religion, country of origin or any other protected class of discrimination.
  • All programs shall have educational courses taught by qualified instructors who by virtue of education and/or experience shall be well versed in the course content and able to convey the information in an acceptable manner.
  • Applicant shall keep records of students and qualifications awarded and shall award educational hours/professional hours/college credit.
  • Applicant shall provide a means of refund or redress for students unable through no fault of their own to attend a scheduled education event or who have attended and have been dissatisfied with the content provided.
  • Applicant shall provide list of appropriate analytics course(s) with description of content, instructors or authors and policies on maintaining or ensuring the currency of content
  • Applicant shall add their courses through the Add-a-Course form
  • Applicants shall allow INFORMS access to records as necessary and shall provide to INFORMS any new information on updated or deleted content.
  • Applicants shall provide a single point of contact (POC) for INFORMS — as INFORMS will provide a single POC to educational provider
  • Applicants shall provide copies of documents showing how their facilities are ensured to be clean, well lit, air conditioned, accessible, comfortable and with noise control measures. Applicants shall note if their facilities are owned and under their control or if leased, a list of contract requirements.
  • Applicants shall have a written policy prohibiting the use, possession, concealment, or sale of drugs, controlled substances, alcohol, and firearms except as otherwise prescribed by law.
  • INFORMS reserves the right to contact education program recipients to obtain feedback on the quality of the program in question.

INFORMS will accept applications for appropriate programs/courses/educational opportunities
INFORMS will receive course content and advertising materials
INFORMS will maintain confidentiality of all materials received
INFORMS reserves the right to cancel a recognized provider listing at their discretion
INFORMS reserves the right to perform onsite visits to verify course content, admin., process
INFORMS will consider multiple listing from one provider as long as courses are deemed appropriate for training/education in the analytics profession