Analytics Certification Board (ACB)

The Analytics Certification Board (ACB) oversees the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) program. The ACB is both a standard setting and assessment body for professionals in the analytics field, and is comprised of highly-regarded analytics and operations research professionals.


Advancing the use of analytics by setting agreed upon consensus standards for the profession.


Advance the analytics profession by providing a high-quality program of certification and promoting continuing competence for practitioners.


The Analytics Certification Board (ACB) oversees the Certified Analytics Program, to ensure impartiality of development and administration and to facilitate communication between leaders and administrators of the program and INFORMS Board of Directors. 

The ACB’s commitment to impartiality includes, but is not limited to:

 The development of an annual threat analysis, including analysis of potential threats to impartiality.  This annual threat analysis consists of :

  • Identification and assessment of potential threats (both actual and perceived), that arise from INFORMS activities, related bodies, organizational relationships, and/or from relationships of INFORMS personal.
  • Within the annual analysis a threat mitigation is conducted and resolution to eliminate the threat to impartiality is addressed and documented.

2023 ACB Board Members

Chair: Aaron Burciaga, CAP
Immediate Past Chair: Beverly Wright, PhD, CAP
Ann Beheler
Swathi Chimera
Arnold Greenland, PhD, CAP
Rajan Gupta, PhD, CAP
Dan Hudson, CAP
Taher Jamshidi, PhD, CAP
Richard McGrath, JR, CAP
Tayaba Nadeem
Hua Ni, CAP
Thor Osborn
Zohar Strinka, CAP
Michael Thiessmeier
Ronald van Loon
Robin Lougee, PhD, ex officio
Kathryn Walter, CAP
Elena Gerstmann, INFORMS Executive Director, ex officio