Which Certification is Right for You?

Are you looking to make new career strides by pursuing certification but unsure of whether to choose CAP or aCAP? The good news is that either choice represents a great option that can help you stand out from peers in data science, analytics, and other related fields. Just answer our short, two-question quiz to see which certification best suits your current education and experience level, and be sure to see below for information on transitioning from aCAP to CAP certification.


Select your education level and work experience to see what certification you are qualifed to apply for:


Transitioning from the aCAP to the CAP certification

Those who are pursuing CAP certification after first earning an aCAP become eligible to transition after accruing the required education/experience for CAP. Employer verification of soft skills, which is not needed to earn an aCAP certification, will also be required. Please contact our certification manager to confirm your eligibility and begin this process.

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