Maintaining Your Certification

One of the hallmarks of a strong professional certification program like CAP is a process for verifying the continuing competence of certificate holders. To renew certification at the end of each three-year cycle, CAPs must demonstrate compliance with requirements that ensure they develop new data science skills and deepen their familiarity with advanced analytics concepts. Earning your CAP means charting a course for years of continued learning and growth that will help keep you accountable and on track to achieve your professional goals.

Recertification Requirements

All certificate holders will be required to achieve 30 Professional Development Units (PDUs) in a three-year renewal period. The following table describes options for achieving the required PDUs along with any required minimum or maximum PDUs specified in each category.

How to get Professional Development Units (PDUs)

All claimed PDUs must be submitted to and verified by INFORMS prior to the conclusion of a certificate holder’s three-year renewal cycle. Certificate holders are reminded that they will not be able to claim more than the maximum PDUs allowed in any specific category.

The following table describes options for achieving the required PDUs along with any required minimum or maximum PDUs specified in each category. A maximum of ten (10) PDUs is allowed per category unless otherwise stated below or in the handbook.

PDU Category Description of Policy PDU Points Allowed
Participation as a student in formal education/training programs provided on analytics topics This option includes courses, seminars, and workshops on analytics-related issues. One (1) PDU per hour of instruction. Certificate holders must achieve at least eight (8) PDUs in this category during the three-year renewal period.
Self-directed learning This category includes reading articles and books or watching instructional videos on analytics issues. One (1) PDU per each hour of self-directed learning.
Creating new analytics knowledge or content, including serving as faculty at learning events Examples include authoring articles, books, etc. PDUs are also awarded for serving as faculty at learning events. One (1) PDU is awarded per hour of activity spent in these activities.
Volunteer service Examples include serving as a volunteer for INFORMS or its regional chapters, working on analytics meetings, and assisting the certification process. One (1) PDU is awarded per hour of volunteer service.
Analytics professional work experience Full-time employment as an analytics professional for a minimum of one year. Five (5) PDUs are awarded for each full year of employment as an analytics professional. Certificate holders may earn a maximum of 15 PDUs in this category in a three-year period.

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Currently an aCAP and looking to transition to CAP?

Those who are pursuing CAP certification after first earning an aCAP become eligible to transition after accruing the required education/experience for CAP. Employer verification of soft skills, which is not needed to earn an aCAP certification, will also be required. Please contact our certification manager to confirm your eligibility and begin this process.

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Earning PDUs

INFORMS, the largest professional organization for analytics and data science professionals, offers numerous opportunities throughout the year to earn PDUs to help further your personal and professional goals.

From professional development courses and webinars that foster continuous learning, to meetings (both virtual and in person) covering a variety of disciplines throughout the year, to opportunities to volunteer for a Pro Bono Analytics project or an INFORMS committee, or create content for either Analytics or OR/MS Today magazines, there are many ways to network and contribute to the CAP community while earning your PDUs.

Certificate holders are required to keep accurate records of all professional development activities including all certificates or letters confirming attendance or participation in approved education or training programs. Certificate holders must present all required PDU records to INFORMS before certification renewal will be granted. Certificate holders can input their PDUs as they are earned in the CAP website. INFORMS will periodically audit a sample of certificate holders to verify the PDUs they have claimed in their renewal application.

Certificate holders earning more than the required 30 PDUs in their three-year renewal cycle may transfer a maximum of five (5) PDUs to their next renewal cycle. The transferred PDUs may be from any category.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Maintenance and PDUs

How long does this certification last?

How can I recertify?

How do I record my PDUs to my certification record?

How do I sumbit my renewal application?

How long does this certification last?

The CAP is good for three years at which time it must be renewed.

The aCAP certification is good for three years and may be renewed once. It is required that all aCAP certificate holders transition to the CAP certification within six years of receiving their aCAP certification.

How can I recertify?

All CAP certificants will be required to achieve a total of 30 Professional Development Units (PDUs)over each three-year renewal period. The PDUs may be achieved in several different categories including: formal professional education courses, self-directed learning, creating new analytics knowledge or content, volunteer service, and analytics professional work experience. In general, one hour of activity equals one PDU. There are various thresholds and limits for PDUs in the various categories. See the CAP Candidate Handbook for more information.

How do I record my PDUs to my certification record?

Here is our How To Guide to Entering Your PDUs.

How do I submit my renewal application?

Here is our How To Guide to Submitting Your Renewal Application.