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Associate Certified Analytics Professional

The Associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP) designation connotes an entry-level analytics professional who is educated in the analytics process but may not have experience in practice yet.

This prestigious program is the beginning of a career pathway that leads to the elite CAP designation. Those with aCAP designations have:

  • Educational achievement, at the master's level or above in an analytics/data program
  • Agreed to the analytics code of ethics
  • Verified Competency as an analytics professional


  • Stands for Associate Certified Analytics Professional
  • Available only to those without required experience for CAP
  • Applicants need a master's degree and must agree to code of ethics
  • Transferrable credential for new analytics professionals
  • Focused on 7 domains of analytics process: 1. Business Problem Framing, 2. Analytics Problem Framing, 3. Data, 4. Methodology Selection, 5. Model Building, 6. Deployment, 7. Lifecycle Management
  • Global accessibility through computer-based testing
  • Base price is $300. INFORMS member discounts may be applied
  • Renew every three years with professional development units
  • Must convert to CAP within 6 years of earning aCAP
  • Sponsored by INFORMS, a neutral party
  • Vendor and software neutral
  • Created by teams of subject matter experts from practice, academia and government


  • Enhances your resume
  • Increases professional credibility
  • Sets you apart from your competition
  • Displays knowledge of analytics process
  • Promotes personal satisfaction
  • Recognizes investment in your analytics career
  • Demonstrates commitment to the field
  • Stresses continued professional development
  • May provide increased salary
  • Establishes a career pathway
  • Important career step to earning the prestigious CAP


Augment your knowledge or study needs with

  • Interactive sample test questions
  • Informative webinars
  • Study Guide - self-directed study by domains of practice
  • Recommended resource texts
  • Roster of available courses on analytics topics
  • CAP Prep class offered by INFORMS
  • Check the website for up to the minute information & answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Download a copy of The Road Map to Becoming a Certified Analytics Professional


  1. Business Problem Framing
  2. Analytics Problem Framing
  3. Data
  4. Methodology (Approach) Selection
  5. Model Building
  6. Deployment
  7. Lifecycle Management

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Where to Get Started

Download a copy of The Road Map to Becoming an Associate Certified Analytics  Professional