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Ambassador Program

We need YOUR help! Are you up to the challenge?

You are our most trusted source and our most credible voice.

You've been there. You researched, studied for, and passed the rigorous exam. You know what it takes and now it's your turn to give back. We're asking you to promote CAP to other professionals and organizations in your network and help us continue to grow. You have proven your analytics knowledge and skills, your influence matters. After all, isn't proving your skills and influence why you earned your CAP in the first place?

We're asking CAP's like you to join us in our CAP Ambassador Program.

Stay Connected | Inspire More CAPs | Champion the Brand | Share your CAP Success Story

How does it work?

We will be sending out regular information and reminders with simple and easy requests for help like:

  • Sharing CAP posts on your social media channels
  • Participating in our CAP Linkedin Group

Easy stuff, right? We're also going to offer opportunities for blogging, presenting, mentoring, and being featured in the media to help tell the CAP story far and wide. All the necessary resources for promoting CAP as an Ambassador will be provided by the program.

Keep reading to discover more ways you can participate as an Ambassador.


Use the CAP Ambassador LinkedIn Group to share your CAP Success Story:

  • Describe why you decided to get your certification and how your career has changed by becoming a CAP
  • Share resources with others who are studying for the exam
  • Invite friends and colleagues to become members of the CAP Ambassador Linkedin Group
  • Encourage students, colleagues, and employees to get certified
  • Promote “CAP Preferred” company job postings
  • Give a presentation to a university class on the importance of certification and how it has changed your career (presentations provided and coordinated through the CAP Ambassador Program).
  • Provide published commentary on current events from the CAP perspective
  • Contribute to the CAP Ambassador blog
  • Take the next step and post your story on your own blog page and connect with your own organization
  • Be interviewed for a ReCAP feature in Analytics Magazine.
Stay connected. Share your story. Have your voice heard. Become and Ambassador

Become a valued part of the CAP program by representing CAP in your professional life:


Connect with CAP and CAP Ambassadors on social media

Stay connected with the CAP community through social media and help spread the word:

  • Once Connected, post on the official CAP Facebook and Linkedin pages
  • Retweet and engage with CAP via the hashtags, #CAPCertifiy, #certifiedanalytics, and #CAPpreferred, #CAPprofessional. See our full Social Media Kit for more, available in the Resources section of this page.
  • Seamlessly share the CAP Story through your own social networks with weekly Tweets & posts provided by the CAP channels

CAP Ambassador Program Manager

Phone: +1-443-265-2597 | Email: