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Earn the CAP®

Those who meet CAP's high standards and pass the rigorous exam distinguish themselves and create greater opportunities for career enhancement.

Earning the CAP® credential requires meeting eligibility requirements for experience and education, effective mastering of "soft skills," committing to the CAP® Code of Ethics, and passing the CAP® exam.

Once your application to become a CAP has been submitted, reviewed, and accepted, you will be able to take the exam at one of our computer-based testing centers around the world.

More information about the CAP, including a sample exam and the CAP Study Guide, is available by registering here. There is also a CAP Prep class offered by INFORMS to help applicants prepare for the exam.

CAP is an independent validation that you have superior knowledge of the entire analytics process - from business problem framing, analytics problem framing, data through to methodology selection and model building, deployment and lifecycle management. CAP enables you to easily convey to others that you have mastery of the analytics process.
Maintaining your CAP means that you are continually working to advance your skills. That's achieved through a combination of continuing education, ongoing analytics employment, and sharing analytics experiences and knowledge - all part of the requirements for renewing your CAP every three years.
Every day more and more employers are adding "CAP Preferred" to their analytics job openings because CAP provides a trusted means to identify, recruit and retain top analytics talent. Add "CAP" to your signature to open doors to new opportunities and professional growth.


  • Stands for Certified Analytics Professional
  • Portable credential based on practice of analytics professional
  • Vendor and software neutral: sponsored by INFORMS, a neutral third party
  • Created by teams of subject matter experts from practice, academe, government
  • Focused on 7 domains of analytics process: 1. Business Problem Framing, 2. Analytics Problem Framing, 3. Data, 4. Methodology Selection, 5. Model Building, 6. Deployment, 7. Lifecycle Management
  • Available since April 2013
  • Global reach through computer-based testing
  • Must have education & experience & agree to ethics code
  • Confirmation of soft skills and provision of transcript can be done after exam
  • Base price is $495 INFORMS member, $695 nonmembers
  • Renew every three years with professional development units

Where to Get Started

Download a copy of The Road Map to Becoming a Certified Analytics Professional